Swachh Bachpan Swachh Zindagi Initiative

What a happy gift for children in Corporation schools for children's day 2014,Swachh Bachpan Swachh Zindagi puppet shows with Kaku Kachre Ka Dabba.

From the 10th of November Corporation schools in Thane and Mumbai have been hearing squeals of all children, they are squealing, giggling, laughing and dancing along with Kaku Kachre Ka Dabba on his Swachh Dance concept. Imagine a dustbin that sings and dances and brings to young children from kindergarten to standard tenth a message about Swachh in a fun and interactive manner. This unique drive is the brainchild of the Early Childhood Association; an NGO committed to bringing children related issues to the forefront of society and ensuring that the country takes care of its littlest citizens on priority. The corporation schools and support has been organized by Save This unique Drive is aptly titled - Swachh Bachpan Swachh Zindagi.

Why is this event important?

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness" -Mahatma Gandhi. To support our Prime Minister's vision of having a clean India as a gift to the Mahatma, we feel, we need to start young and young children in schools are the best to involve in this unique awareness drive.

The event is a success because it involves ME (the child), YOU (my parents and teachers) and US (the society and media)

As children sing and dance with Kaku Kachre Ka Dabba he subtly introduces them to his friends the three monkeys who help kids understand about Swachh Kyun? Swachh Kya? Swachh Kaise? They meet interesting characters like the commode, hands, spit and many more to understand that Swachh is an essential ingredient for learning, and success in life.

Slowly the three monkeys become the message bearers about Sununga, Dekhunga and Bolunga Swachh. The monkey with his hands on his ears now removes them and hears the message about Swachh, the monkey with his hands on his eyes now removes them and sees if others are messing the streets, the school and the monkey with his hands on his mouth now removes them and speaks up if anyone is dirtying the surroundings. That is the mantra Kaku leaves them with.

Then a Mahatma Gandhi puppet conducts a quiz with questions like -

  1. Thookna boori baat kyun hai?
    1. Kyunki hum acche nahin lagte
    2. Kyunki doosron ko accha nahin lagta
    3. Kyunki thookne se bimari phelti hain
    4. Kyun ki thook hamara hai
  2. Agar kachre ka dabba nahin hai to kya karna chahiye?
    1. Kachra raste par phekdo
    2. Kachra doosro ke ghar me phekdo
    3. Kachra apne paas bag mein rakho aur kachre ka dabba dikhte hi dal do
    4. Kachra aasman mein pheko

Then Mahatma Gandhi leaves them with a task, to keep their school clean. 10 Swachh Monitors are appointed from each standard and each one is given a badge of responsibility with a checklist that they have to ensure in the school. On the 26th of January the prizes for the cleanest Corporation Schools will be given out.

Tomorrow on children's day the whole concept will get a new addition, an animated video about Swachh Bachpan Swachh Zindagi, it will be launched by Adv. Ashish Shellar, MLA and President of BJP Mumbai. Please do join us tomorrow at 11.30 at Ramkrishna Paramhans Marg, Marathi Municipal School, Government Colony, Bandra East.

We want to involve more and more schools, parents and teachers in this unique initiative and every help from you to help spread the word about the event will help us realize the great Indian vision of Swachh Bachpan Swachh Zindagi. A humble initiative of Early Childhood Association - www.ecaindia.org

Swati Popat Vats
Leena Ashar
Vice President
Prajodh Rajan
Vice President
Reeta Sonavat
Executive Director
Asha Varma
Swaroop Sampat Rawal
Kamini Rege
Jt. Secretary