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About Intellitots

Intellitots is an award winning institution that has pioneered innovative programs for the early years which are rooted in neuroscience research. Intellitots is recognized as one of the most loved Preschools in Delhi NCR and is known for its path breaking work in the field of early childhood education and care.

Early experiences set the stage for lifelong habits of learning, social behavior and emotional and physical growth. Given that by the age of six, 85% of the brain's capacity is in place creating the ability to speak, learn and reason, a strong preschool and kindergarten experience goes a long way in establishing a solid foundation for a successful and happy life.

Intellitots collaborates with schools and research organizations worldwide like the Graduate School of Education at John Hopkins University to implement insights from cutting edge research as working models of teaching practices.

Intellitots has three Early Learning Centers in Gurgaon, India and over 7500 families have benefitted from the variety of programs ranging from Preschool, Kindergarten, Parent toddler, Daycare and Enrichment activities. Intellitots also is an early year's education and childcare partner of many multinational companies like Fortis Healthcare, PepsiCo and American Express.

Intellitots Preschool

Intellitots Preschool provides an academically challenging curriculum with flexibility to meet the needs of individual children in these critical early years. The facilitators works to instill a feeling of self-confidence and being cared for in each child while also encouraging empathy towards others.

Intellitots Preschool is geared to establish a strong foundation in reading, composition, mathematical skills and encourages individual creative expression. Children at Intellitots are exposed to the phonics approach to reading through a proprietary program call Word World which enables them to read and become independent learners as early as 3.5 years of age. The focus of the Intellitots Preschool program is to instill independent learning, creative thinking, excellent communication skills and arm them to succeed in tomorrow's world.

Brain Targeted Teaching Model

Intellitots is partnering with Dr. Mariale Hardiman of John Hopkins University to implement the Brain Targeted Teaching Model. Brain-Targeted Teaching® designates six "brain targets" for the teaching and learning process and describes brain research that supports each stage.

Intellitots places a high emphasis on building strong reading skills in the preschool years. Your preschooler will be surrounded by books and will be encouraged to develop their reading skills through our 'Word World' program where excellent reading strategies are introduced and reinforced throughout the school year. Strong teacher child ratios enables teachers to provide one-on-one attention and small group reading experiences that help promote confidence as children master reading concepts while singing songs, playing games and having fun.

Maths, science, and general awareness are integrated throughout the preschool program. Through the Intellitots preschool math program children will become problem solvers as they explore concepts like patterning, sorting, adding while they play. In Social Studies and Science, children are invited to explore their world as well as people and places throughout the world through hands-on, meaningful experiences.

The program provides ample opportunities, materials and aids to support creative expression of ideas through music and movement, drama and pretend play and art enrichment. Our preschool children are also able to enjoy our state of the art playground area for time in play, exploration, running, riding bikes, throwing balls, swinging, climbing, and digging up treasures in the sandpit!

Intellitots Preschool enables children to develop an understanding of real world topics through the aid of monthly themes. The themes act as a guide for curriculum planning and development. At the same time teachers encourage spontaneity and responsiveness to the immediate interests of a group of children taking cues from their ideas, excitement and questions.

Intellitots Bouncing Babies Parent Toddler Program

Intellitots Bouncing Babies is the most popular parent child program in Delhi NCR for 6 -30 month old babies and toddlers. Over 7500 families have experienced and benefitted from the program. The curriculum is based on research by Early Years Foundation Stages, UK and the classes are conducted by trained early childhood educators. 85% of brain development happens in the first 3 years of an individual's life. Stimulating experiences and positive relationships with adults in the early years go a long way in nurturing confident and lifelong learners. Intellitots Bouncing babies has been designed to foster cognitive social, emotional and physical development in toddlers. It is a great bonding experience and fantastic fun for both the parent and the child. Bouncing Babies is a holistic program with age appropriate elements of

  • Music and Movement.
  • Art Enrichment.
  • Baby Yoga.
  • Storytelling, Puppets and Drama.
  • Complementary sessions with Pediatricians, Child Development Psychologists and educators.

Management Team

Pooja Goyal is the Founder and Director of Intellitots which is known for its path breaking work in the field of early years education and care. She quit her successful international corporate career to start Intellitots and is now making a foray into the K-12 education space. Pooja is a powerful advocate for moving beyond the conventional "one size fits all" approach to education and is working tirelessly to develop a learning environment that prepares children for the increasingly interconnected and fast changing world. Pooja, is a serial entrepreneur, a children's book author, a singer, a mother of two adorable girls and above all an educationist with a desire to transform education.

An engineer from IIT Delhi, with an MBA from INSEAD, France, Pooja has worked in the US, Europe and India, and has successfully paired her work experience at companies like Adobe Systems and Palm with her passion for education. Pooja has been awarded the 'Woman of Substance' award by Biz Divas for her contribution to the field of education and is a mentor to many women entrepreneurs.

Shivani Kapoor, co-founder of Intellitots, heads all operations, including finance, team management, curriculum, R&D, teacher training and quality control. Leading the charge to set new industry standards in the field of early child development, Shivani has given entrepreneurship a new meaning by realizing her vision to create a forward thinking organization. She has brought together time-tested educational practices with the latest developments in the fields of educational neuroscience, educational psychology and instructional technology at Intellitots.

Shivani has over a decade of experience in IT and management, working for Fortune-500 companies in the US, UK, Japan and Canada. A gold medalist from IIT Delhi, Shivani graduated with top honours from IIM Calcutta's executive management program, and she continues to pilot milestones: In 2013, Intelllitots won the Education Excellence Award for the 'Fastest Growing Preschool Brand in Delhi NCR'.

Seema Varma, is a professionally qualified educator with over 20 years of experience in teaching and education management. Seema started her career at Step by Step, New Delhi where she helped develop the preschool to one of the most sought after pre nursery. Most recently she was the Founder Director at Little World School, Gurgaon. She spent 9 years at Little World conceptualizing, creating and managing the school before joining Intellitots as Programs Director.