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About Global Training Academy

Global Training Academy is one of the prominent names in the field of international teacher training. The company is an offshoot of TEFL Academy which has been into TEFL teacher training since 2006. The company is registered in United Kingdom, Thailand and India and its operations are spread worldwide where GTA operates along with its partners. This international teacher training organization provides high-quality courses transforming aspiring teachers into teaching experts preparing them to confidently face the challenges of the world of globalized teaching. The organization is manned by experienced, prudent and dedicated professionals who have contributed in making Global Training Academy a leading organization into training teachers from Asia, Europe, Africa and different parts of the world. GTA caters to students pursuing both online and onsite teacher training, soft skill and skill development programs worldwide. GTA has plans to launch self-directed study course and online workshops for the trainees.

Our Courses

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Global Training Academy's Diploma in Early Childhood Education is a course that integrates all the vital areas of early childhood teaching and emphasizes the various stages of learning which supports an all-round development. The course is suitable for not only early childhood teachers but can be immensely helpful for even parents and anyone connected with early childhood education.

Early Childhood Education Care and Nutrition

Global Training Academy's Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Nutrition stresses on special care and nutrition and their association with early childhood development. The course covers different approaches and methodologies with a sharp focus on young children while shaping an aspiring early childhood educator into a professionally trained caretaker of children.

Montessori Teacher Training (MTT)

Global Training Academy's Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training covers the Montessori Method and philosophy while applying the methodologies and relevance of this highly effective method of teaching with great success even today. A Montessori teacher functions not as a teacher but as a role model and a keen observer of each child's growth and development and the course has been designed for those willing to pursue their teaching careers as Montessori educators. GTA's Montessori Teacher Training course can be taken by anyone associated with the Montessori Method of teaching and education.

Nursery Teachers Training (NTT)

Global Training Academy's Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training Course provides a platform for aspiring as well as professional nursery teachers to make a meaningful difference by helping children to achieve early learning goals. The course helps the nursery teachers to learn the methods of planned teaching through play and experiments and engage children who should be constantly challenged and supported with play centric activities. A nursery teacher needs to be creative and flexible with a focus on optimum child development. The course will be extremely beneficial for all those eyeing a career in this emerging area of education as a nursery teaching professional.

Pre & Primary Teachers Training (PPTT )

Global Training Academy's Diploma in Primary/Elementary Teacher Training Course deals with the academic and developmental aspects of early childhood education. The course helps the teachers to hone the teaching skills to keep the children motivated and inspire them with a love of learning. The course gives a keen insight into teaching a broader age group of 2-12 years and has been designed not only for aspiring and professional teachers but is also helpful for caregivers and parents and anyone associated with preschool training and education.

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