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Furtados School of Music (FSM)

About Us

Furtados School of Music (FSM) was founded in July, 2011, with a vision to make quality music education accessible to children and individuals, young and old, making the entire learning process fun-filled, joyous and memorable.

In a short span of time, FSM has grown not only in number of centres, schools and kindergartens offering its programmes, but also in the number of instruments taught and the faculty to capably support it. FSM is driven and motivated by their conviction of the immense merits of music learning having a powerful impact on the all-round development of a child, paving the way for their bright and successful future.

Integral to FSM’s success has been its uncompromising philosophy of a world-class curriculum. Courses and programmes have been specifically designed by leading educators from across the world. Emphasis has been given to include modern and effective methods of teaching using the latest techniques and technologies but not forgetting the important and essential elements of traditional music learning.

Dear Early Childhood Educationist,
With a lot of pride, Furtados School of Music (FSM) introduces the 'Music Is Fun!' program for your young students in the pre-primary section (Age 18 months upto 6 years). It is a comprehensive and structured approach to musical training that develops singing, movement and listening skills along with the introduction to important musical styles and concepts.

Music is Fun (Preschool Music Program)

Children from the age of 18 months on-wards will benefit from this award winning, pedagogy approved program, wherein they will be learning about all foundational aspects of music in a storytelling format wrapped around with original and engaging songs to introduce every musical concept.

About Ann Bryant: Music is Fun is designed by Ann Bryant (UK) only for FSM - Ann is a world-renowned music educationist and novelist. She has written more than 120 children novels and authored the famous ‘The Keyclub’. It is recommended to have a look at her work by a simple Google search.

Pre-School Music Objectives

This is a structured curriculum, which covers all the right foundations of learning music especially at young age.

  1. Listening & Responding- Musical Perception
  2. Performance
  3. Creativity- Music as Self-Expression for the children of your school.

We truly value and respect the vision of your School and would be delighted to enrich the music learning journey of the students in your school. For enquiries, please connect on the coordinates given below.

Yours Sincerely,
Dhruv Sanghavi
Product Manager

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