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FitterFly a HealthTech startup is focused Child Fitness and Nutrition Services. Fitterfly uses internationally proven standards and covers fitness, nutrition and general health Assessments. Over medium to long term, we wish to cover entire service and product space for child health, fitness and nutrition electronically and via our physical FitterFly centres across India.

A Child’s lifestyle today leads to higher risk of early onset of diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases at a younger age. India is staring at an impending epidemic of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. All of these have a quantum of their origin in childhood. Medical studies also show that best age to form healthy habits is between 5-15 years. That is the age group which FitterFly plans to work with. Current medical examinations practices in schools and hospitals are out dated, incomplete and non-actionable. Fitterfly aims to transform these archaic practices by introducing state of art assessment techniques covering fitness, nutrition and physical examinations. Fitterfly would provide reports that are electronic and provide recommendations for improvement and can be used to keep a record of the child’s key health and fitness parameters year on year.

FitterFly aims

  • to be at the forefront of child health (fitness and nutrition) in India by 2020 and be a global leader in this segment by 2025.
  • to continuously innovate and bring new products and technologies into fruition for the benefit of children and their families.

Services offered by FitterFly are on two fronts

Nutrition Services

  1. Nutrition Assessments for children from 2year to 18 years- These are based on 7 day electronic food diary and dietary recall maintained on the FitterFly app. At the end of the assessments, parents are given a detailed report on major and micro-nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamins and protein intake. A diet plan is also generated to help parents cover up for any deficiencies or excesses. The diet plans consider age gender based requirements, cuisine & cultural preferences and natural variations rather than supplements. These assessments are offered at schools, at FitterFly Centres and at various other locations such as clubs, societies and events. It is recommended to do such assessments twice a year for every child.
  2. Nutrition seminars for parents
  3. Healthy Eating workshops for kids

Fitness Services

  1. Fitness Assessments for children from 5-18 years: Fitness Assessments are done by FitterFly Fitness team using international best practices and technology. The child undergoes a full 360-degree assessment covering stamina (V02max), muscle strength, flexibility and body composition. The assessments are fun filled activity and children find them engaging. These assessments are offered in schools, clubs and FitterFly centres.School also gets an electronic dashboard to see individual health, group-wise, section wise, class wise and gender sorted results. We follow international standards from Fitnessgram, USA and Alpha Fit Battery of European schools and mixed with inputs from our Indian experience, we have created this test battery. This is first such fitness tech enabled test battery for children in India and we deliver comprehensive report and recommendations for kids and parents. FitterFly also provides SAAS services for fitness assessments if schools wish to conduct these tests themselves.
  2. Sports Fitness Assessments- focussed for improving performance in sports, this assessment checks child’s speed, power, agility, reaction time, coordination and balance, all of which are essential for good sports performance.
  3. Fitness plans for physical improvement
  4. After School Fitness Program
  5. Fitness events for kids
  6. Activity centres for kids

FitterFly was founded in July 2016 by Dr Arbinder Singal, (a renowned Pediatric urologist and healthcare entrepreneur), Shailesh Gupta (a senior fintech official) and Jayesh Sawant (a senior technologist with experience in healthcare). The venture officially started doing FitterFly assessments in April 2017. FitterFly is a brand promoted and managed by Salvem Health Pvt Ltd, a private limited and owned company.

FitterFly is currently working with Indian Academy of Pediatrics, pediatric doctors, schools and housing societies, sports associations in Mumbai to bring about awareness for child fitness and nutrition.

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