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Candy Cane Club

Candy Cane Club designs and delivers theme-based educational kits for 2 – 6 yrs old children that help channelize play into learning. The boxes are highly personalized thus assist in better holistic development of children. The different elements of the box (toys, books, art supplies, and craft materials) are all put together to enhance various skills like memory, lateral thinking and creativity.

An on-line contest helps children learn about the topic of the month using a hand on learning approach. Our boxes are not just DIY kits but are LEARNING KITS that help to create Inquirers, Communicators, Risk takers and Thinkers.

Candy Cane club follows the unique 4C design & delivery model :


Candy Cane Club curricula cover 18 developmental skills and 6 personality profiles.


Our panel of child development experts selects and assembles learning kits from the best age-appropriate educational products on the market, so you don't have to.


We customize our curriculum to match your child's unique personality and learning profile. One size never fits all.


And we deliver gift-wrapped boxes to your doorstep making it a Happy Learning Birthday every month.

Our customers say --- "Great concept. The instructions and videos make it easy for parents to do specific activities with the child. Great way to bond and teach."

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