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We are a Digital Trust Platform helping employers build a Better Place for the Next Billion Indians. We provide technology driven services to help Verify, Manage & Enhance Trust Worthiness of the Blue & Grey Collar Workforce in our country. Example: Drivers, Security Guards, House Keeping, Non Teaching Staff, Delivery staff, Factory Workers, etc. Some of our solutions are - Pre-hiring assessment, Background verification services (ID, Address, Criminal Antecedent, Police Verification Certificate, etc), Trainings (Role specific, Etiquette, Good-touch/Bad-touch, English words, Safety, Hygiene, etc), Digital On-boarding, Attendance Management, Financial Services to Employees (like Loan, Insurance, Health cover, etc), etc.

We are trusted by 200+ employers across Education, Private Security, Facilities Management, Logistics, On-Demand Services, etc and have worked with 5,00,000 employees. People come to us because we have a deep understanding of the challenges of this segment of our population, and have designed our services to deliver Reliable results keeping the challenges in mind. Also our usage of technology + feet-on-street helps us provide services Quicker and at a Cost comparatively cheaper than traditional background verification companies.

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