Early Childhood Association

A not for profit National Association

Registration No : MRM - 1082 2011 - G.B.B.S.D
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About Us

The Early years of a child's life are indeed the foundational years... everyone associated with early childhood wants to safeguard childhood, to give children their rights, to make available for our teachers, be it in balwadis or International schools and parents the best international research about child development and learning.

The Early Childhood Association is an initiative that addresses all of this and much more and brings together all stakeholders be it teachers, media, parents, experts and more, so that childhood years cane be enriched.

Our Vision

The Early Childhood Association is set up with the vision that all the preschools, balwadis, N.G.O's, children's activity classes, parents, student teachers, media houses, companies that deal with children's products, in short everyone connected to young children can all come together to advocate, discuss, learn and share, connect and bring about a change in the quality of care development and learning in early childhood in India.

Our Mission

To empower parents, teachers and others to explore and develop holistic programs and environments for children that will look after their well being, relationships, family and community and thus help each and every child grow up in a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Our Goal

Is advocacy for "stress free childhood years", after all this is the right of every child. We want to touch the lives of all those who affect the lives and learning of children - be it teachers, parents, policy makers, entrepreneurs, media.

Our National Committee

Dr. Swati Popat Vats


Dr Swaroop Sampat Rawal

Vice President

Dr Reeta Sonawat

Executive Director

Ms Asha Varma


Dr Kamini Rege


Ms Rekha Shahani

Diplomatic Secretary

Dr Samir Dalwai

Vice President

Ms Reshma Shrinivas

Vice President

Ms Hazel Siromoni

Vice President

Ms Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi

Vice President

Ms Naiyya Saggi

Vice President

Mr Amol Arora

Vice President

Ms Divya Punjabi

Vice President

Ms Lina Ashar

Vice president

Mr. Prajodh Rajan

Vice President

Mr.Francis Joseph

Vice President

Mr. K. E. Harish

Vice President

Ms Farzana Dohadwala

Vice President

Ms Preethi Kwatra

Vice President

Ms Ruchita Dar Shah

Vice President

Ms Pratiksha Seth

Vice President

Mr. Vittal Bhandary

Vice President

Ms Kusum Kanwar

Principal Ambassador

Mr. Pritam Agarwal

Vice President

Dr Arbinder Singal

Co-Founder and CEO Fitterfly

Ms Kavita Sahay

Vice President

Soumya Aggarwal

Vice President

Skand Bali

Vice President